The Sweatlodge is both a personal and a group cleansing ritual. The power of the Sweatlodge comes from the steam and heat created by pouring water over the hot stones. On a physical level it is like a sauna and it works relaxing and cleansing. But on a deeper level, the power of the Sweatlodge works on the mental and spiritual attitudes of the participants.

This ritual has four rounds with a specific energy each round. The rounds together form a complete natural cycle. The journey is supported by stories, singing and drums and there is also room for silence.

The Sweat Lodge is a unique and powerful way to stimulate inner growth and healing. It offers participants the opportunity to release old patterns and emotions and connect with their deepest self. The experience can be intense but also liberating and enriching. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, the elements, and each other.

Participants: 8 to 25
Location: Texel & Noordwijk. I am open for new locations.


The purpose for this walk is to be connecting to our true nature. Walking in presence of diverse landscapes. The walk will be in silence with clear guidelines and lots of space for your internal process.  On the end of the walk we have a sweatlodge to give voice to our hearts trough prayers and songs.

This hike is intended for those who want to slow down, be in the present moment, and connect with nature and their inner self. It provides an opportunity to reflect, meditate, and breathe in the beauty of our surroundings. We will stop at various locations to take breaks, breathe and focus our attention.

The sweat lodge at the end of the hike provides an opportunity to strengthen our connection with nature and each other. It is a moment to open our hearts and share our prayers with the group. Together, we will sing and pray as we connect with the spirits of the plants and the earth.

Participants: 6 - 12 max.
Location: Texel. Drente. I am open for new locations.


Men are Medicine for Men.

I feel it is important for me to BE around men from all different walks of life.

Learning to listen and to walk my Truth. Playing, working, singing, praying, laughing, relaxing, being together. Tuning in and being inspired. For these reasons and many more I love to work with men. And guiding multiple men groups.


Every winter I travel to the amazone to continue my medicine studies at the source in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. There is the possibility to travel with me to these ancient cultures and rituals.

My plan is to go to Brazil in January and February 2021, visiting the tribes Hunikuin on the Rio Jordao and then traveling to the Katukina and the Yawanawa. The journey takes at least 3 weeks.

Send me a message if you are i nterested.


Guided by the local tribe, the Bedouins, we will walk and be carried by the untouched nature in silence and without any baggage. We will arrive somewhere where the fire is burning, where we will be taken care of and look after each other. Together, we will share the moment and stories with truth, attention, and humor. We will make music and sleep under the blue starry sky. We will wake up before the sun rises, climb to the highest point to witness the sunrise over the desert landscape. We will take a moment to reflect on the new day and set an intention. We will leave behind what is no longer needed and then take step-by-step towards a new place.

This walk is a physical and spiritual journey that offers us the opportunity to connect with ourselves, reflections of the desert, and gain wisdom from the Bedouin tribe. Before we embark on this journey in the desert, we will meet on Zoom and then in a Sweat Lodge on Texel, where we will set our intentions and build a trusting bond together.

During my previous trip to the Sinai desert, I collected 16 stones that serve as tickets for our men's group to embark on this journey. If you are ready for a transformative journey and would like to join our group, please contact me to reserve your spot. I will send you your rock.


I invite you to join this 47-day fast starting on your own at home, but with support from all of us. We will gradually build up taking out habbits (coffee, sugar, drugs, alcohol & scrolling). Then we start Intermitted fasting,  preparing our bodies for a tribal meeting on texel. Waterfasting for 4 nights and 4-days, with every night a sweat-lodge.

Fasting is a powerful tool for gaining clarity and insight. It is a ritual that is practiced across the globe and is a part of many religious and cultural traditions.
In my shamanic practices, I have done various forms of fasting, including plantmaster diets and vision quests, which can last anywhere from one day to 180 days or longer.

One of the biggest challenges of fasting is the ability to stick with it. Keeping the fast requires a clear decisions and discipline. Therefore, it is helpful to have a supportive environment.

The fasting period will run from February 22nd to April 10th. This helps to tap into a global energy of fasting, as more people around the world will be fasting at the same time.


The basis of the massage techniques I use comes from Thai massage. It consists of assisted stretching exercises and acupressure, and is performed in a meditative state.

These massages are influenced by acupressure and Shiatsu and contain many elements of stretching and yoga asanas. They are aimed at relaxing the mind and opening the body to life.

By massaging the meridians throughout the body, energy is put into motion, reviving the body and removing blockages. Working with energy flow and body alignment, the massage calms the mind and balances emotions.

In addition, I integrate breathwork into the massage sessions because breathing plays an important role in relaxing the body and calming the mind. I invite the recipient to breathe consciously and use breath to release tension and emotions. Breathwork can also help to become more in tune with the body and the present moment, leading to a deeper relaxation. The combination of massage and breathwork can help release blockages on physical, emotional, and mental levels and restore the natural flow of energy in the body.

price treatment 90min: €90.


Kambo is an ancient indigenous medicine taken from the secretion of the Amazonian Tree Frog. When applied topically on the skin, Kambo activates a radical physical, emotional and mental cleansing process.

A Kambo treatment is a strong and short experience with long lasting beneficial effects.

* gives boost to the immune system
* is a natural antibiotic
* works as an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial medicine
* is a strong natural pain relief
* is a great Medicine to help treat depression
* helps to detox liver and intestines

I am available for private and group circles.


Over the years, I have collected songs from different traditions. Singing together is a empowering feeling, raising the energy and lifting the spirit. There is also space to sing your own songs and to bring instruments.

In these circles it is possible to receive Rapé. A tobacco snuff that recalls the memory of the jungle.This finely powdered tobacco, mixed with the ash of different trees and herbs is blown into the nose with a pipe. In my training with Paje Paenawa I have been taught how to make Rapé. The Rapé I use is made by me with good intentions. Together with the energy of the tobacco and the person blowing, it brings clarity and cleans the physical and emotional system.

Participants: 8-20